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Evolving to company Social Responsibility and Sutainability with Devo-ESG

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance,  is becoming an urgent requirement for companies evolving towards sustainability and social responsibility. Traceability and a clear documentation of improvements in policies and strategies play a crucial role in ESG disclosure. 

Devo-ESG is a modern application which fully supports the reporting activities for Non-Financial Statement. Developed by Devoteam with a low-code technology for higher maintainability and scalability, it is easily customizable and resizable to adapt itself to social, technological and regulatory changes.

Devo-ESG is built for the future. 

Based on Outsystems platform, Devo-ESG allows best-of-breed modelling capabilities in process design, external system integration, SW change management and UX/UI adaptation.

Grounded on AWS cloud, is native compliant to the most restrictive security standard, GDPR regulation and scalability requirements. These characteristics make Devo-ESG a real enterprise application rather than a simple reporting tool.

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