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Digital transformation secures high quality support to employees

The snapshot


Centralize support for 5000+ employees on a unique platform


Back office processes automation for 120 operators to ensure consistent and clear management


Quality and monitoring secured for both supporting processes and asset management

The challenge

An Italian railway company needs to centralized the management of employee support for both personal and business IT/Technological services.

HW and software providers engagement was spread across different processes and systems. 

The solution

Devoteam has helped the client with the implementation of a new service platform as a Single Point Of Contact based on ServiceNow.

Back office activities including  HW and SW providers management has been automated and streamlined.

Service quality measurements and asset monitoring features has been implemented.

The better change

Responsive and reliable service for the employees

Better performance and higher simplicity of processes

Ensure and facilitate traceability, reporting and decision-making process